Illustrations for Origo 4 2016. Mattelyftet is a nation wide project for teachers trying to make new ways of teaching maths.


Handwritten logo for Swedish fish food company Abba. Commissioned by Forsman & Bodenfors.  

KLUMP – a culture incubator’s manual

Illustrations for culture incubator KLUMP at Subtopia’s manual. Book design: Daniela Juvall.

Ölands Designmarknad 2016

As a part of Ölands annual harvest festival, a nice design market was arranged in Borgholm by my good friend Tove. I took a trip down to the beautiful slender Swedish island and sold art prints and harvest ...

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award diploma 2016

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world’s largest and most prestigious prize in children’s literature is presented every year. I had the great honor to create the lettering of the fine diploma again! Illustrator this year is ...


Dansbana! is an association for public dancing, initiated by the architects Anna Pang, Anna Fridolin and Teres Selberg. I made the poster for the opening of the first Dansbana! space in Vårby Gård, Stockholm. The headline is ...

Björkhagen typeface

Björkhagen typeface is a handwritten font made for IKEA books and is available in extended latin and cyrillic. Soon for sale!

Late bloomer

New print! Showing at exhibition in café Lilla Bagis, Bagarmossen April 7 – May 31 2016. 50×70 cm. Available as a fine art print. Special exhibition price 900 SEK!

Healing animals for Revansch 4 2016

Animals as a part of the healing process in psychiatric care.


Art print 50×70 cm made for exhibition on Lilla Bagis spring 2016.

The seventh continent

Cover illustration for Axel Haglunds thesis for doctoral degree (Ph.D) “Suicidal behavior in three high risk populations – Epidemiological and clinical cohort studies”. The illustration is based on a still from the film “The seventh ...

Prunk’s not dead

A header for Sara Kolbäck’s blog about gardening. (I also came up with the name.Very proud of that.)

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award diploma 2015

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, the world’s largest and most prestigious prize in children’s literature is presented every year. I had the great honor to create the lettering of the fine diploma together with illustrator Siri ...

Rebecca Westholm logo lettering

Logo lettering for the webpage of fantabulous artist Rebecca Westholm.

Odd Molly lettering FW 2015

For Odd Molly’s FW 15 collection I made these hand drawn headers.

Food waste

Illustration in Sveriges Natur magazine.

Odd Molly Notebooks

For this pretty Odd Molly notebook I made the illustrations and lettering. Released along with the SS 14 and FW 15 collections.

The three of us

I attended the course Picturebooks for children at HDK in 2014. This is my project: “The three of us”, about a dysfunctional family of animals. Work in progress.

Hunters in the snow

A contemporary and personal paraphrase on Bruegel’s masterpiece from 1564. 70×50 cm. Exhibited at ”It’s a marshmallow world” exhibition at Larry’s Corner in Stockholm December 2013 together with a number of other illustrators: Moa Hoff, ...

Gravity light

A lamp generating light from gravity. For Sveriges Natur magazine.

School disparities

On the disparity of the financial situation among the municipality schools. For Tidningen Skolvärlden (Teachers’ magazine).

The chase

Poster 50×70 cm. Illustrator Maja K Zetterberg, Art Director Ludde Kjerrulf. Go get an art print in my webshop!

Revansch no 5 2015


Revansch no 1 2016

On the matter of words, “poor mental health” vs. “mental illness”.

Girls vs. boys

On the difference in grades. Tidningen Skolvärlden (Teacher’s magazine).

Odd Molly hang tag

Illustrations and lettering for Odd Molly hang tag.

Odd Molly promotion book

Illustrations for Odd Molly promotion book.

Odd Molly lettering

Art work for Odd Molly, sketch.

Odd Molly jeans

Illustrations and lettering for backpocket tags.

Odd Molly coat

Art work for Odd Molly clothes.

Odd Molly sweater

Art work for Odd Molly clothes.

Ingenstans är omöjligt – hand drawn logo sketch

Hand drawn logo commissioned by advertising agency Jung von Matt. Travel agency Ticket chose to go another visual way so this pretty little ligature is only to be seen here.

Revansch no 5 2015

Arena Magazine

Cover and spreads for Arena Magazine.

Green fumes

On new environmental friendly technology for heavy vehicles. For Sveriges Natur magazine.

Ving – Ett annat land

I was happily commissioned to create the handwritten logotype for travel agency Ving’s campaign. Commissioned by Forsman & Bodenfors. Photographer Kalle Gustafsson shot the beautiful black and white pics for the campaign.

A willow view

View from my window. Personal project.

Hjälp till självsälj

Tecknaren nr 4 2016. On the need of marketing yourself as an illustrator.


A pattern inspired by the ocean. My contribution to Photowall’s wallpaper competition 2014.

Apple peel in preservatives

On taking care of food waste. For Sveriges Natur magazine.

Natural sex – queer in nature

Illustration on the subject of the sex and love life of animals. For Sveriges Natur magazine.

Natural sex – feeling hot

Illustration on the subject of the sex and love life of animals. For Sveriges Natur magazine.

Season’s greetings

Four postcards, four seasons. Size A6.

The holy communion on tv

Text on the one time only occasion of the event of the holy communion in Swedish television. Känguru magazine.

Natural sex – courting

Illustration on the subject of the sex and love life of animals. For Sveriges Natur magazine.

Tam Tapir – Nordpol

Art direction, illustration and custom made typography for Swedish pop band Tam Tapir’s debut Nordpol (North Pole). Each part of the collage represents a featured song title on the album.

Red out

Red out. A brief state of mind. Animation, 64 sec.

Fura fanzine

An ode to my favourite tree. The pine tree.

Eco friendly toilet

Illustration of the eco friendly toilet for Sveriges Natur magazine.


Installation picturing the seasons of life in cupboard at EGN headquarters in Stockholm. 120×56 cm.


Illustrations for the short story Almpesten, (the Elm tree disease) by Måns Wadensjö. Published in Känguru Magazine.

Odd Molly lettering FW 13 collection

Handwritten headers and texts for Odd Molly’s season catalogue.

D&AD Student Awards – Shortlisted

“A D&AD Award is recognised globally as the ultimate creative accolade, entered and attended by the best from around the world.” I entered the student competition, illustration category, in 2007 when studying at Beckmans. The ...

Odd Molly window display

“See you at the beach”, lettering for Odd Molly’s window display at Åhléns City, a large department store in the heart of Stockholm, for the SS 15 collection. “For the love of giving” christmas 2014 ...

Odd Molly store displays

Handwritten texts on display material in Odd Molly stores.

Frusen vänskap

Handmade title for the short film Frusen vänskap (Frozen Friendship) by Jasmine Alakari. Opening at the Gothenburg international film festival in January 2014.

Absolut Vodka – Absolut art manifesto

Hand written texts for Absolut Vodkas’s Absolut Art project. Film created by Frankenstein Studio. Commissioned by Frankenstein Studio.

Schildtar i Västerbotten

Jag fick i uppdrag av föreningen släkten Schildt i Sverige att formge boken Schildtar i Västerbotten, en berättelse om tre generationer Schildtar i krig och fred.  

Svenskt Tenn – Invitation

Invitation card to exhibition showing sketches of new and classic items sold at legendary Swedish furniture store Svenskt Tenn. In collaboration with Sandra Planeta and Gabriella Lidberg at Planeta Design.

In a perfect world …

A fashion collaboration between Beckmans College of Design and department store PUB. Handwritten texts for twelve fashion projects. Art directors Kian Zubicky och Philippe Tempelman.

Det lilla extra

På bokförlaget Max Ström assisterade jag formgivaren Patric Leo i denna härliga kokbok. Recepten är skrivna av Malin Landqvist och bilderna är tagna av Lina Eriksson.

A day in the world

1000 images from all over the world, taken on the one same day. I had the honour to be a part of this fantastic project, taking care of administration of the final art. Foreword written by Desmond Tutu. ...

Festival för ny dramatik

Graphic design for Dramalabbets’ Festival for new drama, 2012. Poster and folder.

MQ – Selected Diversity

Handwritten text for tapestry in selected MQ stores. Commissioned by Frankenstein.

Psykos 4:48

Illustration for an excerpt from the play Psychosis 4:48 by Sarah Kane. Bang magazine.

Mälarhöjdens ridskola

Me and my talented colleague Emilia Lindholm were commissioned to create a new logotype for Mälarhöjdens Ridskola (Riding school in Mälarhöjden).

Soraya Post (F!) Facebook campaign

Illustrations for Soraya Post´s (Feminist Initiative party), running for the EU parliament.